Hi, I’m Sarah Moore

I’m a 24-year-old first-time mom to Sebastian (4 months), a Hospice Volunteer Coordinator, and working on my MBA Online.

Alan and I at Top Golf for my 24Th B-Day

Our Baby Boy

Sebastian is Mine and Alan’s new boy! He was born 3 weeks early in May and is currently 4 months old. He has a milk sensitivity, and he surprised us with his gender (ultrasound said girl lol). We have our ups and downs but overall he is a very independent baby.

Dad and Sebastian | 4 Month Photoshoot

Our Cats

We also have two cats: JiJi and Lola. JiJi is my black male cat and my first pet ever, I got him my senior year of college when striking out on my own. He is 2 years old, mischievous, and quite. Lola is the opposite, she is so loud! You will not miss her in the room. She is also 2 and our multicolored female.

cute when he isn’t into everything cat JiJi
only quite when she is sleeping cat Lola

Childhood, Family, and Things I Love

I live in South Carolina, USA with my boyfriend Alan who is a computer and coding genius lol. I’m also a military child so I have lived in many places during my childhood like Japan. My family also lives across the country in Texas, Florida, Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Ohio. I will post about motherhood, cats, traveling, fashion, online school tips, being young professional, and fun lifestyle posts. So pretty much my life lol

visiting the grandparents