Welcome to my blog! I’m Sarah a 24 years old new mom to Sebastian. He was born in the midst of the pandemic on May 22, 2020. Which was as challenging as it sounds. He is such a great baby though, at 9 months he is now crawling and standing by himself. This blog is dedicated to my journey in motherhood (#momlife), Sebastian’s life and experiences, and my product reviews/favorites. I just love to shop. Others I’ll talk about in posts are my boyfriend Alan of 3 years and my two cats JiJi + Lola.

I’m a full-time working mom, I’m also doing my MBA. I’m a military brat but ended up in South Carolina where I met Alan. He’s in Tech, so smart! He pretty much does the coding for my blog since I get confused on it easily. I also love Amazon, which you will see in many blog posts. We also travel to see family often so I’ll put up travel blog posts when we do.