Exposing Diversity To Your Baby

Exposing diversity to your baby is going to help them way into the future. Anyone can do it, it’s first acknowledging you want to do it. Then just making a plan or ideas that you want to follow through. Now as babies they won’t understand socially as much as a toddler but their brains soak up everything like a sponge.

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Who Can Learn Diversity?

I believe many parents and children can learn diversity. I’ve lived in other countries in the world so I would say I have very good diversity and I wish others did too. From a military brat that moved to a small southern town, way too many people are not exposed. I have heard very unkind things about others’ races and cultures when they had no education on the matter. I know that travel is out of many people’s budgets but there are still easy ways to teach diversity to children.

Exposing Diversity To Your Baby

What Is Exposing Diversity?

The definition by google is, “including or involving people from a range of different social and ethnic backgrounds and of different genders, sexual orientations”. Most of that will go over a baby’s head but sounds, language, and races would be easy things a baby could pick up on.

When Can Child Diversity Be Applied

It would be simple to add it to everyday things you’re already doing.

TV Shows – If they watch TV in the morning or when you cooking at night, try to add diverse shows. An example is Ni Hao Kai-Lan, Dora The Explorer, Go Diego Go, Doc Mcstuffins, Molly of Denali, Sesame Street, and Caillou.

Books – There are TONS of diverse books for babies and kids which is fantastic! They show different diversity in the characters and cultures. I’ll list a few popular ones here for you: Babies Around The World, Everywhere Babies (Our Favorite), The Color Of Us, and Pink Is For Boys. Let me know your favorite in the comments below.

Toys – When you play with toys you can add a multi-race doll set into the mix. There are many on amazon from sock puppets to wooden pegs. When they are big enough for barbie/action figure types there are so many that show people’s diversity now. An example is a wheelchaired barbie.

Exposing diversity to baby

Where Can You See Diversity?

You can take your baby out to public places where you would see many different types of people. Last weekend we took Sebastian to the Atlanta, Ga Aquarium. In such a huge city there were so many different types of people attending. He had a blast staring at everyone and soaking it all in. This weekend we are going to Florida which has many Cubans, Hispanics, and northerners. We also plan to take him to New York later this year, depending on quarantine, and there he will really see different kinds of people! Sebastian is also in daycare so he plays with White, Black, and Hispanic kids all the time. He has a blast playing too, he sees no difference in culture, just a friend.

Why Should You Expose Diversity?

Many studies show when a child is exposed to it early they accept diversities much easier later in life. They also say that they accept it better than their parents! A child’s early development lasts long through their lives which is why it’s good to start young.

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