Baby Milestone Worry | Comparing Our Child Guilt

We all get into the trap of baby milestone worry and we start comparing our child. It’s a very normal thing moms do and it can be healthy to an extent. Yet, many times it makes moms stress out and not enjoy what’s actually happening at the moment. I’ve done it, when Sebastian was the last one crawling in his baby group and when other babies learned sign language. You’re not alone if you compare your child to others or comparing yourself to other moms.

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Baby Milestone Worry

Acknowledge & Accept It

The best way to worry less is to understand it’s normal and will happen. Every baby develops differently, some fast, some slow, and some have limitations. Sebastian was born 3 weeks early. His birthday is in May but his development always follows his original due date in June. So his development is 3 weeks behind and that’s not his fault. Yet I still compared him to the same age babies. I noticed his pincher grasp wasn’t too good but the doctor said girl babies are faster at learning the pincher grasp. Sebastian also was a very quiet baby (not complaining) but that was due to him having so much fluid in his ears. Thankfully after his ear surgery, he is babbling because he can hear himself and us now! So it’s normal, I totally understand, just remember your not a bad mom for worrying.

Then Let It Go

Take it in that you’re comparing, accept it, then let it go by. It will take so much stress and worry out of your life. That way you can just focus on what your baby is doing at the moment or what you have at the moment. Stop comparing what designer baby things influencers have or their Tokyo vacation. If your baby isn’t crawling yet, take in that you don’t have to baby-proof or watch them constantly. If your baby isn’t walking, then be happy in the crawling stage. Sebastian is 9 months already and it has flown! It feels like years ago that he was working on keeping his head up. So feel the moments because it goes fast.

Practice Milestones

Now, this isn’t saying to not practice milestones with your baby. Definitely still working on milestones with them daily like tummy time, drinking out of a cup, or standing up. I don’t want people to misread me, I just mean that if it’s still in the normal timeframe then don’t worry. Of course, if you have concerns ask your physician, they can give some great advice on how to work towards goals. When we go to the pediatricians they give us milestone pamphlets on things to work on until the next visit.

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Well, this was a short post but I think an important one. I know it may not rank in SEO for most popular posts but so many moms go through this baby milestone worry and comparing our child guilt! So just remember you’re normal, your baby loves you, and you got this mama!

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