5 Ways Working Moms Can Achieve Work/Life Balance

As a working mom myself, here are my 5 ways working moms can achieve work/life balance. These tips are maintainable for busy moms or mompreneurs! They include focusing on importance, quality family time, that guilty mom feeling, comparing yourself, and how to feel more organized. For similar blog posts see 5 Tips for Young Professionals, 7 Helpful Mom Tools, or Morning Sickness Must-Haves.

5 Ways Working Moms Can Achieve Work/Life Balance

You Can’t Do It All

Stop thinking you can do it all. You can’t, there is only a certain number of hours in a day. This is why you need to evaluate what’s important to you and focus on that instead of stressing yourself out. For me it’s doing my master’s homework, working on my blog, simple cleaning, and quality time after dinner with Alan and Sebastian. Now in real life what does that mean? It means my home is not sparkling clean, on lunch breaks I’m working, when Sebastian goes to bed at 7:30 pm I’m working again, and we order food a lot. I also use the grocery delivery app, it’s more money but my time with Alan and Sebastian after work is more important to me. Just focus on what is important to you and everyone will be different.

Quality Family Time – 5 Ways Working Moms Can Achieve Work/Life Balance

When spending quality time makes sure your present. I know it can be hard to fall into thinking about work when you are home, but you need to connect with your family. That will help your relationship and being connected to your children.

5 Ways Working Moms Can Achieve Work/Life Balance

No Guilt!

No guilt! Don’t be guilty because you are in a career, your baby/little kids won’t remember that they are at daycare or being watched by my grandma. To them it’s fun and they are playing, again they won’t remember. Just let yourself have quality time in the morning, evening, or weekends if that’s all you have. It’s ok to have a life besides being a mom. Personally, I did not go to college, and working towards my MBA to not work. If I’m sincere here, I like having a break from Sebastian, and he takes all my energy and attention when he is around. That doesn’t mean I don’t love having him.

Don’t Compare Yourself <3

I know this is easier to type than do in real life but don’t compare yourself to other moms. I have done it, it’s normal. The best thing is to recognize when you are doing it, accept it/acknowledge it, then let it go. I felt this when Sebastian was crawling later than other babies, but guess what? He is crawling fine now. I spent a lot of time trying to teach him, but he decided when he was going to do it. Babies develop at different paces. Another example is one baby was hitting and playing with a drum to a tune. I have done nothing like this with Sebastian and I felt bad, but you know what. He has other talents like throwing his toys really far lol. So, to each their own.

5 Ways Working Moms Can Achieve Work/Life Balance

Block Time For Organization – 5 Ways Working Moms Can Achieve Work/Life Balance

My favorite way to stay somewhat organized is block times. Like 7-8 am get ready/bring Sebastian to daycare. 8-11 am work full-time job. 11-12 clean/work on the blog/do homework depending on the day. 12-5 pm full-time job. 6-7:30 is family time and dinner time. 7:30-9 is working on personal things again. 9-11 is a tv with Alan time. I find it easy to follow block schedules than very detailed schedules. 

Socials <3 – 5 Ways Working Moms Can Achieve Work/Life Balance

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5 Ways Working Moms Can Achieve Work/Life Balance