5 Ways To Connect With Your Baby

Here are my 5 ways to connect with your baby, I also struggled connecting with Sebastian. I loved him immediately but I didn’t feel a bond with him at all. Honestly, it took months till I really felt that deep connection. If you are feeling this or have felt this way you not alone. Many don’t talk about it but when your baby is born sometimes it just feels like, “What am I supposed to do with this baby”.

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I Have No Bond With My Child

Just remember even if you feel like you have no bond with your child, they are already bonded to you. They already love, trust, and need you. So don’t stress yourself out thinking you need to get them to connect with your also. Just focus on yourself first, the rest will fall naturally. As they say, if your tank is empty you cant help others as much as you can with a full tank.

5 Ways To Connect With Your Baby

  1. Let your baby sleep skin to skin on you. Soak in peace and quiet when they are sleeping.
  2. Start a gratitude journal. It can be typed in the notes section on your iPhone, handwrote in a journal, or calligraphy in a planner. Just wherever you’ll remember to write but it will help you see at least 1 happy thing every day. (I know how terrible some days with a baby can be). I would also add a gratitude post for your significant other as well if you have one. Babies can, unfortunately, make a relationship gap if you are not careful about keeping close. Parents can do the blame game on each other.
  3. Work on milestone developments every day with your baby. This will help you connect by knowing what you are doing is going to help them in the future. It can help you feel important in their life.
  4. Listen when other people give you compliments. Take that compliment and own it. “I am a good mother”/”I did help him/her learn to walk”/”I am trying my best”. You are doing great so own it!
  5. Take pictures and make photo albums. Babies grow so fast! It also helps you look back at the good times and see how far they have gone when you’re having a bad day.

How Long Does It Take To Bond With Your Baby?

It can take weeks or months, everyone is different. Personally, It took me weeks to feel connected and months to feel really bonded. I think because babies have no expression when they are a newborn it’s hard to tell how connected they are to you. When they start smiling at you, crawling towards you, kissing you back, saying mama, or holding your hand walking, that’s when you really feel the bond.

How Do You Know If You Bonded With Your Baby?

You can definitely tell when their separation anxiety hits hard at 8 months. They will bawl their eyes out when you leave the room or they think you not watching them. They also cry when seeing strangers and will cling to you. It so sweet, they are showing how attached they are to you.

Is It Normal To Not Feel Attached To Your Baby?

Totally normal not to feel attached to your baby, especially a newborn. Many moms also fight with PTSD from birth, Post Partum Depression, and Baby Blues. Combine that with little sleep and changing hormones, it’s a recipe for stress. Speak with your physician if you think you are experiencing any of those symptoms, they can help so much.

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