5 Best iPhone Photo Editing Apps For Moms

5 Best iphone Photo Editing Apps For Moms

These are the 5 Best iPhone Photo Editing Apps For Moms that I’ve used this past year. From pregnancy bumps to baby milestones these will make super cute photos. These apps use stickers, templates, preset packs, and many editing options. For more mom posts check out Boy Clothing, Working Life Balance, Graco Car Seat.

5 Best iphone Photo Editing Apps For Moms

Baby Story

The minimalist mom app for editing. This app has an editor and collage option. It’s best for easily adding calendar date stickers for weeks, months, or years. Also, many stickers are simple line designs for a clean look. It also has clean simple stickers for sayings like “super dad” or “sleep zzz”. There are also filters you can add to your picture.


The best for templates, where you add your photo into the cute design they have. They have free and paid templates. You can also create memories on this app, which is fun to look back on. The calendar keeps up with how many months and weeks your baby is to put on pictures.

5 Best iphone Photo Editing Apps For Moms

Adobe Lightroom

The free version of photoshop. This is app is best for using preset packs which you can buy from photographers, influencers, etc. I personally have ones from Delilah Loeppky. Link Here. She also has a youtube video showing how to add it to Lightroom. Link Here. For free you can auto edit photos, adjust light, color, add effects, detail, optics, and put filters on the photo.


This one is for moms who want to really edit pictures. Like if you have a stain on your shirt from their spit, or edit your double chin. The main sections on this app are: Retouch, Face, Reshape, Filters, Painting, Patch, Hair, Clothes, Backdrop, Neon, Eyes, Crop, Edit, Light FX, Relight, Touch Up, Defocus, and Manage. So much in this app, so worth it.

5 Best iphone Photo Editing Apps For Moms

Facetune Video

They just came out with this iPhone photo editing app so I haven’t used it too much. It pretty much Facetune2 just on video which is freaky cool. I know Asian countries have used these types of video editors for a while so I’m glad they came out with one!

Extra: Boomerang From Instagram

I think Boomerang is so fun. I just had to add this to my list. It takes a small video then it plays the video backward. I’ve used it for turning with a coat. You can become super creative with it.

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5 Best iphone Photo Editing Apps For Moms