Post-Partum Depression – 8 Month Update

Post-Partum Depression

Post-Partum Depression stays with many women for a whole year after the baby is born. Mine was strong till about 6 months post-partum. I do still have bad days occasionally though. To help I take medication, sleep, and interact with others. Also, don’t forget you’re not alone, many women go through this and many support groups exist to connect moms.

Post-Partum Depression


Lexapro is my anti-anxiety/anti-depression medicine I started taking during pregnancy. I did have to make my dose higher after birth so doesn’t feel like you have to stay at a certain level if you are taking medicine. Of course, I always recommend you talk to your physician about any problems you’re having! I can guarantee they have heard all kinds of questions and most likely can help you with an answer.

Tell Signs – Post-Partum Depression

I can tell when my Post-Partum Depression is striking because I don’t want to deal with Sebastian at all. Like, don’t want to feed him, don’t want to play, don’t want to change him, I would rather just lay in bed. In these cases, I do rely on Alan and take some time to myself while he watches him. Maybe take a bath, just watch YouTube, or listen to music. Then I find playing with Sebastian makes me feel better, his laugh is so contagious.

Post-Partum Depression

Tips for Post-Partum Depression

Taking a nap also helps many times lol. I’ve been getting better at sleeping when Sebastian is sleeping/napping to help me stay energetic when he is awake. Every parent know how sleep is the first couple of years though. I also struggle with Post-Partum Depression when I don’t interact with others for a while. So, speaking with friends or family helps me feel better! Since I work from home most days, I don’t have to leave a lot except for bringing Sebastian to and from daycare. On the weekend’s Alan and I get out of town while grandma watches Sebastian. I’m very thankful for such a great support system.


Reiterating from the beginning that it takes many women a year to shake it off. So, if you’re still in the depth of it, totally fine. Just keep going girl, you got this. Hormones play a large part in it, as well as such a large life adjustment. You went from being independent to having a baby completely dependent on you to live. It’s a big situation to deal with. Add sleep-deprived, breastfeeding, periods, or new birth control and it’s just a huge hormone crazy mess lol.

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