Morning Sickness Popular Must Haves

I decide to make this blog post because one of my best friends is having morning sickness in her first trimester. I actually was blessed with no morning sickness, I think I threw up once or twice. Yet between the mom blogs I follow, Facebook mom groups, and my weekly mom video group I have a good feeling about what helps others. I added items like popular prescription medication, sour candies, and crackers. I just want to help those who are unfortunately dealing with morning sickness.

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Morning Sickness


I recommend asking your physician any questions you have and prescribing medicines. Many common prescription medicines are Declegis, Bonjesta, Zofran, Promethazine, Ondansetron, and Reglan. The most popular over counter are B6 and Unisom together.

Crackers – Morning Sickness

Many women find crackers as soon as they wake up to help tremendously! The most common are Saltines, Mini Club, and Ritz crackers. The starch helps stomach acid and it’s such a calm food that the smell or texture doesn’t bother sensitive pregnant women either.

Soothing Foods

Some other foods that pregnant women eat throughout the day in small quantities are granola bars and trail mix. Many find that keep a little in the stomach at all times helps reduce nausea.


Peppermint and ginger are definitely crowd-pleasers for morning sickness. Many use candy type drops or teas. I personally loved pink stork when I was pregnant so Ill add ones I used. Others said that sour things helped their stomach so I’ll add one of those too!

Others – Morning Sickness

I have heard others say Tums helped and I’ve had mixed reviews for these pressure point bands. On Amazon, though it has thousands of good reviews so it helps for some women!

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