Ingenuity Folding High Chair-Truthful Review

This past weekend I bought the Ity by Ingenuity Yummity Yum Easy Folding High Chair in Goji style. I mostly got this because it had good reviews and was only $40! When looking I didn’t realize how expensive high chairs can be. I mean, is it just me, or should it not be $250 for a high chair? It’s a plastic chair. We love this one though!

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JiJi sniffing the High Chair box lol


This brand is owned under the Kids2 Parent Brand. Ingenuity is known widely for portable baby swings. I mean thousands of great reviews, 4.5 stars. Which is why I felt more comfortable buying from this brand as I have heard of their other quality items. On Amazon and Target this high chair has great reviews as well. This is the box it came in, its dirty because South Carolina’s mail system is horrible, so don’t blame the company. Also that is JiJi my sneaky male cat lol. He likes to act like he doesn’t do anything wrong while doing bad things.

Truthful Review- Ingenuity Folding High Chair
Lola checking out the chair

Assembly – Ingenuity Folding High Chair

The assembly was very straight forward if you follow the directions. They also label each piece (you can see the “A” on the leg chair for example) and have diagrams for how to set it up. Everything had the click push buttons so you knew when it was in the right place. The straps were already in when opened, I did move the top ones to the middle options though since Sebastian is 8 months old. Overall, foolproof! 🙂

Truthful Review- Ingenuity Folding High Chair


The poles are hollow metal, so very lightweight. Come plastic is a nice gray color to not show baby food stains. They put the white plastic on parts where baby food probably won’t hit. I also like that the straps are a dark gray and 5 points to keep crazy in there. The whole high chair wipes clean easily and includes a dishwasher safe tray.  It also fits from 6 months to 3 years. It also includes a machine-washable seat pad and footrest support. The teal is gender-neutral as well! The folding is easy once you get the pulling/pushing motion. It’s in the directions on how to fold it also.

Feeding Test – Ingenuity Folding High Chair

Here is wild butt eating in his high chair for the first time! Sebastian thought it was fun, he did try to wiggle out of it. Thankfully the 5 point harness didn’t give him much room to move and he calmed down. He could put his arms down inside and he could rest his arms above the tray. He kicked his feet a lot but overall seemed comfortable. I did spill some puree but I could wipe the carrot off easy and it didn’t stain. Putting on the tray I did have to make sure his hands were out of the way but taking it off was simple.

Truthful Review- Ingenuity Folding High Chair
Truthful Review- Ingenuity Folding High Chair


Good: good price, lightweight, folds easy, simple cleaning, sturdy. Bad: feet don’t touch the footrest and you can’t adjust it. Took a couple of tries to fold it but once you get it then it’s easy.

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