Best Baby Teething Toys of 2021

So I understand how hard the teething phase is, so here is my guide to the best baby teething toys of 2021. My boy Sebastian is 9 months now with 8 teeth! Let’s just say he is “difficult” during those teething days, you understand. So I went to Buy Buy Baby, Target, and Amazon online to narrow down the search. I only put ones that had large audience reviews with 4+ stars. I added links for each toy per website I found them.

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Sophie The Giraffe

Everyone who is everyone knows about Sophie the Giraffe. It’s a foam giraffe that has long limbs making it easy for babies to grab. They also have a large and mini version depending on your preference. I am putting it first because it was found in the popular section on all three websites.

Target Link

Buy Buy Baby Link

Nuby Ice Gel Keys – Best Baby Teethers of 2021

WE have these and it worked great when he was teething. You wash them and put them in the fridge to get cold then just let them chew on it lol I also like to squeeze the gel for fun, and it’s very secure. The non-toxic gel also does you don’t have to worry. I should also mention that they don’t come apart, the ring is closed off. This one was on Target and Amazon’s popular product page.

Target Link

Green Sprouts Cooling Pacifier

These look so easy for babies to use with the ring and finger design. No wonder it was popular on Target and Buy Buy Baby. They come in packs of 2, one set pink and purple, one set blue and green. Also filled with safe, sterilized water and are free from BPA and PVC. You just clean and put it in the freezer before use.

Target Link

Buy Buy Baby Link

NASHRIO Baby Teething Toys 5 Pack

These were the most popular on Amazon, probably because they are so cute and function. The handle would make it so easy for a baby to grab and the texture on the tips would help the gums. BPA-free and non-toxic silicone material, and you can place it in the fridge to help with cooling.

Teething Mittens – Best Baby Teethers of 2021

We have these for Sebastian and he loved them! Now that he is older not his favorite but 3-6 months one of his favorites. They are soft materials, the tips are textured and it comes in a bag to hold them. Also pandas!

Mombella Mimi Mushroom

After 6 months old Sebastian decided to quit pacifiers. He loves this instead now, I mean one of his favorite toys of all times! You do have to watch the silicone since it picks up everything, as in dog or cat hair. What you do is lift up the mushroom part then wrap it around your baby’s hand. It helps them hold it and not throw it as fast. Really recommend.

MAM Mini-Cooler Teether

This one I haven’t heard of but it had great reviews on Target so I added it in here. I like it has the clip so it doesn’t get lost or thrown easily. The biting part is small enough for mouths, per the reviews. I know this brand is also a good brand for orthopedic research for bottles/toys as well. Let me know if you have it.

Target Link

Best Baby Teething Toys of 2021

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