7 Helpful Mom Tools In 2021

You all know the struggle of keeping up with the house cleaning, getting cute, and buying technology. I got you, I understand, so I made a list of 7 helpful mom tools I live by to help you out.

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Mother, Father holding their 6 month old baby.

REVLON One-Step Hair Dryer

This tool is the best for a professional blow out you can do at home. It’s a dream and no wonder it’s so popular! All of my friends use it too and swear by it as well. You use it on wet hair by sections and go up and out. On the top, I also like to brush it opposite of how I style it for more volume. It’s a must-have helpful mom tool!

Bluetooth Light Bulbs

We originally got them because Alan loves anything tech and is obsessed with these. It’s really great though when Sebastian is trying to fall asleep on me but I don’t want to get up to turn off the light. It can also do many colors, patterns, and you can set each light differently. We have the type that’s connected by an app and can connect to Siri and Alexa as well. You can also set commands for Siri and Alexa on how to turn on and off lights. If you’re like us and bring your phone around the house then you can change it anytime easily. In his nursery, we keep it as a dimmed night light, and I also use it in our bedroom for a makeup light. I’ll link his nursery tour blog post here. If your into tech this is a helpful product for you 🙂

Car Phone Mount-7 Helpful Mom Tools

There are so many types of hands-free car devices to keep you safe on the road. One type is where a magnetic base is inserted into the air vents and a magnet is placed on your phone to connect each other. Another type is where it goes into your CD player and will hold your phone (the one we have). The last one I’ve seen is the one that sticks to your windshield glass. The fancy ones even charge your phone while it’s connected by plugging it into the spark plug. Either one you pick will help you stay more focused on the road and safer driving.

3-In-1 Charging Station

This is another Alan tech item but it’s so nice if any moms have an iPhone, iwatch, and Air Pods to charge at the same time. It’s all in one place and looks aesthetically pleasing as well. This would be a great helpful mom tool for those tech moms.

Air Purifier

We have two types of air purifiers, a small one (for bedroom) and a large one (living room). When buying just make sure you look at room dimensions to see if it’s the correct size. It sucks up the dust and cat dander which lets Sebastian, Alan, and I have cleaner air. It runs on its own, and you can adjust the lights so it doesn’t bother you. Of course, you will have to buy replacing filters but they are low cost. Make sure they are HEPA grade. They also don’t take up much space in your house either!

Expanding File Folder- 7 Helpful Mom Tools

I love mine because it holds all our important documents in one place. You can put documents like tax information, doctor visit notes, receipts, baby product warranties. It’s also easy to store, not expensive, and keeps you organized. A helpful mom tool indeed 🙂

A Cordless Vacuum

I will admit I don’t have one, but I one at my grandma’s house and it is amazing!!! When I save up enough money I will buy one. It’s convenient because you don’t have to worry about the cord, it is lightweight, gets into small places, and the charging station is simple. We all know kids are so messy so anything that makes cleaning easier is a must for moms. (also shout out to my grandma for being so tech-savvy, she always has the newest things)

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