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Formula Bottle Feeding
Alan Feeding Sebastian at a fair

After 9 months of formula, bottle-feeding Sebastian here is 5 tips I’ve learned. In our background, Sebastian did have a rough time in the beginning with formula bottle feeding since he ended up being lactose sensitive. Once we switched to soy he was like a different baby! Now, I know formula-fed babies can be a sensitive subject but just know many babies are healthy on formula. Plus a fed baby is the best baby. 

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Formula Bottle Feeding

Tip #1 Formula

As a new mom, I figured it was normal for him to cry for hours on end. Spoiler, it’s not. Thankfully Alan could tell the formula was upsetting his stomach and making him very gassy. (Tip: if the baby’s stomach is rock hard it’s gas). The formulas we tried were: Gerber Goodstart Gentle Pro, Gerber Smooth, Similac Alimentum, and Nutramigen. Eventually, we ended up with Enfamil Prosobee or soy formula. So just know sometimes you have to go through different formulas to find the best one for your baby.

Tip #2 Bottle for Formula Bottle Feeding

Sebastian was a sweet baby who would drink out of any type of bottle, not picky at all. What I didn’t realize was I caused him nipple confusion from giving all different types of bottles at once. My advice is to try one bottle at a time. Eventually, we picked Dr. Brown bottles because it helped him the best with colic/gas. (Tip: great for gas but harder to clean than other bottles because of the core). Formula Bottle Feeding relies on what the baby wants/likes most of the time honestly.

Formula Bottle Feeding

Tip #3 Nipples

Since he was born so early we ended up having to buy preemie nipples for the bottles. I have also heard that many babies start out with these for the first two weeks. Just a reminder that nipples can’t be used between babies so toss them after use. When they start to get fussy or take a very long time to feed you should change nipple sizes. One more tip is if the nipple has a vent, make sure you point it up towards the ceiling.

Tip #4 Storing for Formula Bottle Feeding

Bottles get everywhere! (We have about 15 bottles and I’m terrible about making sure they find their way to the sink….Oops) At first, we just had them on the countertop which was a huge inconvenience with cooking. So we ended up installing this shelf above the sink to hold our bottles. We also have small formula cups (can hold up to 4 scoops of formula) which is so simple because you can just pour and go. To hold the formula we have this container on our counter. Another tip is to make sure you purchase a bottle holder/bag that can hold 8 oz bottles. My first one worked great with the 4 oz, but when he switched to 8 oz I had to go buy this taller one.

Tip #5 Cleaning

I hate washing dishes or bottles so Alan does it instead, he is a true angel. He actually bought everything we use to clean them. His favorite item is this scrub brush that can go inside the bottle but also has a detachable part to clean inside the nipple section. It also sticks to the side of the sink which is great. The next is to have the grass drying rack, which is so popular and cute. Another handy tool is to have the dishwasher cage for the bottle parts to wash in the dishwasher. Many bottle companies have their own versions that work best with their type of bottle parts. We also have a microwave sterilizer and sterilizer bags, which we should use more of lol. I always forget about it.


Let me know if my 5 Bottle Feeding Tips for Formula Feeding post helped you at all! Just remember a fed baby is the best baby! Follow me on Instagram, Pinterest, and join my new Facebook group Authentic Moms.

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Formula Bottle Feeding