10 Tips for a Sick Parent

Being a sick parent is rough. Alan and I found this out the hard way once Sebastian entered daycare. I don’t think I’ve been this sick since middle school. Poor guy has gone through ear infections and colds every two weeks. Thankfully our immune system is a little better so we only get sick once a month but those weekends we all just want to break down. Hopefully, these sick parent tips will help you feel better too.

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1. Disinfect and Clean EVERYTHING

Cleaning is the last thing any parent wants to do when sick but getting those germs killed will make a huge improvement. Go vacuum, dust, sweep, wipe down all surfaces, and spray disinfectant. Do this every day you are sick, I know it sucks. My advice is to do it in the morning to get it over with.

2. Laundry

Similar to the above, wash everything. Wash all your sheets, comforter, blankets, pillows & cases, your couch cover if you have one, clothing, throw pillow covers, rags, and towels. Pretty much anything you can wash. Just remember to wash everything that you use again. I promise it will help you feel better and not become a sick parent!

3. Sleep

Sleep…the joke promise of parenthood. Just try your best to get a good night’s sleep or to take naps every time your little one does. Don’t stay up watching Netflix, I’m looking at you. Go to bed early and sleep in if available. If you’re a working parent you can always nap during lunchtime while the kids are at daycare or school. You got it! Kick the sickness in the butt.

4. Medicine

I know some people like home remedies, which is great, I personally just use medication. I asked the nurses at my day job what type of medicine they all swear by. They recommend Robitussin for cough medicine and Tylenol for cold and flu severe for congestion. Of course, if your mucus is green, a high fever, or you have trouble breathing go to the doctor you may need an antibiotic or antihistamine.

5. Humidifier & Vapo Steam

As a sick parent, it’s time to pull out that humidifier. Warm or cool steam works just fine. We also put Vapo Steam mixed with water on the stovetop at low heat all day to open up the senses. Also, blow your nose, don’t sniff up, and suck it down. Another good thing to use is Vapo Shower Steamers, I find it makes it easier to blow my nose after using it in the shower.

6. Eating Healthy

Takeout is so easy and you lean towards it when you’re sick. I get it but try your best to eat healthy hardy meals. It will help your body fight back against the sickness and give you the energy to keep parenting. I’m not a cook enough to make my own recipes so I’m going to link some below lol

Vegetable Soup

Chicken Soup

Slow Cooker Pot Roast

7. Go Outside

Go outside and get some good old sun. Vitamin D is always good for healing and fresh air is good for the soul. I open up my windows all day if it’s nice outside or multiple times a day for short periods if it’s not. It helps keep you from breathing in the same germ air, just remember to take allergy medicine if you need to.

8. Wear a Mask

With the covid 19 virus running right now it’s very easy to find a functional mask. When I lived in Japan it was very common for people to wear a mask when they were sick. I’m not sure why the western world never adopted this philosophy till now.

9. Keep Warm

This means ladies, dry your hair. I know it takes more time but trust me it will help keep you warmer. You can also stop using a fan and keep the temperature not freezing (if you’re like me who likes it Antarctic cold lol). If it’s wintertime just keep sweaters on or a blanket, anything nice and cozy.

10. Relax

After cleaning and between washing you need to relax. I know as a sick parent you want to go and go, but you need to stop and calm down. your stress will not help anything but make it worse. You can: drink nice warm tea, take a hot shower, eat hardy soup, use a massager, or anything to calm you down.

You Got This!

Comment if you have your own sick remedies as a sick parent!