Creating a nursery for your new baby is so exciting! It was one of my favorite parts of pregnancy, though we had a shock when our “baby girl” came out a baby boy. So we changed a huge portion of the nursery when he was born lol. Most decor I found was at hobby lobby, but on sale, so I will try to find exact or similar links on amazon for everyone. Our theme ended up cactus/desert/boho <3

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When you first walk and turn left, you will see hooks for Sebstains swaddles and diaper bag. This can also be transformed when he gets older to hold his coats and school bookbag. I also found this wood “little exploer” desk decor sign that I hung up instead for wall decor.

Cacuts Iron Hooks $12.99

Wood Decor Sign $12.99

Diaper Bag $35.00

For the crib I went with one from amazon that wasn’t too expensive (spoiler alert baby furniture can get expensive fast!). A family member was kind enough to gift the “The Adventure Begins” wall decal, and I just had to add the “No Girls Allowed” sign. I mean it is a boys cave after all.

Dream On Me Crib $119.99

Bed Set $44.99

Wall Decal $17.90

Wood Garland $12.99

No Girls Allowed Sign $10.88

Floor Lamp $25.17

Glider $152.70

Blue Dog Boppy Cover $9.77

Normally people have a dresser in their nursery but we already had a large 6 cube shelf so we just use that instead. Next to that we put a tabletop so that I could put my pump and water on top of it. We also have a changing pad, eventually I would like to upgrade to the peanut changing pad when I can splurge. Our wooden basket stores diaper creams, diapers, and the wipe warmer. We also have gray curtains to replace our baby girl pink ones lol

Gray and White Side Table $44.52

6 Cube Storage $79.98

Changing Pad $29.99

Wooden Basket 2 Pack $25.99

Gray Blackout Curtains $34.99

Ubbi Diaper Pail $69.99

So don’t mind the middle section of our couch in the nursery room…it had nowhere else to go in the house. In a two bedroom apartment you do what you have to do. On that is one of many cat beds, you would think we have 50 cats with how many we have lol A favorite in here is that diamond wall shelf, it holds the Mother’s Day gifts Alan gave to me when I was pregnant.

Welcome to My Crib Sign $19.79

Dream Big Little One Decal $19.99

Diamond Wall Self $37.99

Stay Wild Sign $21.99

White Fur Rug $17.99

I don’t know why other people don’t put in a Tv, because I needed some entertainment while he was feeding or I was pumping. This way I was handsfree, not playing on my phone, and could cuddle my lil bud when he was done. I also have clothes he can’t fit yet into the cube spaces.

Wall Decor Sign $29.99

6 Cube Organizer $40.48

TV $129.99